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Parasites in Bulinus senegalensis (Mollusca: Planorbidae)and their detection

  • C. A. Wright (a1), D. Rollinson (a1) and P. H. Goll (a2)


Isoelectric focusing studies on enzyme variation between populations of the snail Bulinus senegalensis revealed that parasitic infections in the snails contributed additional bands of enzyme activity, particularly in the glucose phosphate isomerase (GPI) and malate dehydrogenase (MDH) systems. The patterns due to the parasite enzymes were, in most cases, clearly distinct from those of the host and different from each other. Parasites encountered included Schistosoma haematobium, S. bovis, Paramphistomum microbothrium, another amphistome probably belonging to the group which infect amphibians, Echinostoma revolutum, another echinostome (probably Echinoparyphium sp.), strigeids, xiphidiocercariae (these were resolved into 3 distinct types by the enzyme data) and ciliate protozoa. The 7 host populations which were examined showed marked differences in both the prevalence and variety of their parasitic infections and these variations were tentatively related to environmental differences in their respective habitats and to the nature of human contact patterns. Seasonal changes in the parasite fauna were also noted and some of the implications of the parasite load on the host population are briefly mentioned.



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Parasites in Bulinus senegalensis (Mollusca: Planorbidae)and their detection

  • C. A. Wright (a1), D. Rollinson (a1) and P. H. Goll (a2)


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