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Molecular investigation of the Pfmdr1 gene of Plasmodium falciparum isolates in Henan Province imported from Africa

  • Chengyun Yang (a1), Ruimin Zhou (a1), Ying Liu (a1), Suhua Li (a1), Dan Qian (a1), Yuling Zhao (a1), Hongwei Zhang (a1) and Bianli Xu (a1)...


Efficacious antimalarial drugs are important for malaria control and elimination, and continuous monitoring of their efficacy is essential. The prevalence and distribution of Pfmdr1 were evaluated in African migrant workers in Henan Province. Among 632 isolates, 13 haplotypes were identified, NYSND (39.87%, 252/632), YYSND (2.85%, 18/632), NFSND (31.01%, 196/632), NYSNY (0.47%, 3/632), YFSND (13.77%, 87/632), NFSNY (0.32%, 2/632), YYSNY (2.06%, 13/632), YFSNY (0.16%, 1/632), N/Y YSND (1.90%, 12/632), N Y/F SND (6.17%, 39/632), N/Y Y/F SND (0.47%, 3/632), YYSN D/Y (0.16%, 1/632) and N/Y FSND (0.79%, 5/632). The highest frequency of NYSND was observed in individuals from North Africa (63.64%, 7/11), followed by South Africa (61.33%, 111/181), Central Africa (33.33%, 56/168), West Africa (28.94%, 68/235) and East Africa (27.03%, 10/37) (χ2 = 54.605, P < 0.05). The highest frequency of NFSND was observed in East Africa (48.65%, 18/37), followed by West Africa (39.14%, 92/235), Central Africa (26.79%, 45/168), South Africa (22.65%, 41/181) and North Africa (9.09%, 1/11) (χ2 = 22.368 P < 0.05). The mutant prevalence of codons 86 and 184 decreased. These data may provide complementary information on antimalarial resistance that may be utilized in the development of a treatment regimen for Henan Province.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Hongwei Zhang, E-mail:


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Molecular investigation of the Pfmdr1 gene of Plasmodium falciparum isolates in Henan Province imported from Africa

  • Chengyun Yang (a1), Ruimin Zhou (a1), Ying Liu (a1), Suhua Li (a1), Dan Qian (a1), Yuling Zhao (a1), Hongwei Zhang (a1) and Bianli Xu (a1)...


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