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Intracellular stages of Trypanosoma lewisi in fleas and attempts to find such stages in other trypanosome species

  • David H. Molyneux (a1)


Intracellular forms of Trypanosoma lewisi have been found in the mid-gut cells of the flea, Nosopsyllus fasciatus. These stages have been found only infrequently, and in only two of the four strains of T. lewisi studied.

Attempts to find similar stages in Trypanosoma nabiasi, evotomys and microti were not successful.

The possible significance of these forms is discussed.

The financial assistance of the Agricultural Research Council is gratefully acknowledged. The author is also indebted to Dr P. Tate for his enthusiasm, help and guidance throughout the course of the study.



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Intracellular stages of Trypanosoma lewisi in fleas and attempts to find such stages in other trypanosome species

  • David H. Molyneux (a1)


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