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Effects of high-fat chow on heart tissue in acute and chronic experimental murine schistosomiasis mansoni

  • V. C. GÓES (a1), R. H. NEVES (a2), A. C. M. B. ALENCAR (a1), A. V. OLIVEIRA (a3), D. C. GOMES (a2) and J. R. MACHADO-SILVA (a1)...


This study aimed to investigate myocardial injuries in mice infected with Schistosoma mansoni and fed a high-fat chow. Sections of myocardial tissue from S. mansoni-infected mice, and controls that had been killed 9 and 17 weeks post-infection, were stained with H&E and Picrosirius red. Histopathological examination, stereological design-based method (optical disector) and morphometry (vessels, cardiomyocytes and an amount of collagen) were used. Data were analysed using two-way ANOVA. Regardless of time of infection, myocardial tissue from the infected mice fed high-fat chow showed myocarditis characterized by a higher number of inflammatory foci, several areas displaying coagulation of cardiac fibres, a greater loss of cardiomyocytes and fibroblast proliferation than in the standard chow control. Comparing infected mice from acute and chronic infections, a higher cardiomyocyte hyperplasia (P < 0·0001) and higher amounts of collagen (P < 0·05) were observed than in standard chow control. In addition, all animals fed high-fat chow showed lower numerical density and total number of cardiomyocytes (P < 0·05), thicker vessel walls and narrowed luminal intramyocardial vessels (P > 0·05) than in the standard chow control. Altogether the data supported the view that a double burden has a synergistic deleterious effect on the myocardial tissue.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author: Departamento de Microbiologia, Imunologia e Parasitologia, Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, UERJ, Av. Professor Manoel de Abreu, 444, 5° andar, 20550-170, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil. Tel: +55 21 2868 8048. E-mail:


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Effects of high-fat chow on heart tissue in acute and chronic experimental murine schistosomiasis mansoni

  • V. C. GÓES (a1), R. H. NEVES (a2), A. C. M. B. ALENCAR (a1), A. V. OLIVEIRA (a3), D. C. GOMES (a2) and J. R. MACHADO-SILVA (a1)...


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