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Complete sporogony of the blood parasite Haemoproteus nucleocondensus in common biting midges: why is its transmission interrupted in Europe?

  • Rita Žiegytė (a1), Elena Platonova (a1), Rasa Bernotienė (a1), Gediminas Valkiūnas (a1) and Vaidas Palinauskas (a1)...


Haemoproteus species (Haemoproteidae) are widespread blood parasites and are transmitted by Culicoides biting midges and Hippoboscidae louse flies. Although these pathogens may cause morbidity or mortality, the vectors and patterns of transmission remain unknown for the great majority of avian haemoproteids. Haemoproteus nucleocondensus has been frequently reported in Europe in great reed warblers Acrocephalus arundinaceus after their arrival from African wintering grounds, but this infection has not been found in juveniles at the breeding sites. The factors that prevent its transmission remain unclear. This study was designed to test whether the sporogony of H. nucleocondensus (lineage hGRW8) can be completed in Culicoides impunctatus, one of the most abundant European biting midge species. Wild-caught females were infected with H. nucleocondensus from great reed warblers. Microscopic examination and PCR-based methods were used to detect sporogonic stages and to confirm species identity. This study showed that H. nucleocondensus completes sporogony in C. impunctatus, suggesting that there are no obstacles to its transmission from the point of view of vector availability and average temperature in Northern Europe. We discuss other ecological factors which should be considered to explain why the transmission of H. nucleocondensus and some other Southern origin haemosporidians are interrupted in North Europe.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Rita Žiegytė, E-mail: and Vaidas Palinauskas, E-mail:


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Complete sporogony of the blood parasite Haemoproteus nucleocondensus in common biting midges: why is its transmission interrupted in Europe?

  • Rita Žiegytė (a1), Elena Platonova (a1), Rasa Bernotienė (a1), Gediminas Valkiūnas (a1) and Vaidas Palinauskas (a1)...


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