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A comparative study of the thoracic skeleton and musculature of the Pupipara and the Glossinidae (Diptera)*

  • Y. Schlein (a1)


The thoracic skeleton and musculature of the Pupipara were studied and compared with the thorax of Musca and Glossina in order to identify the sclerites of the thorax of the Nycteribiidae. Comparative studies of the thorax and other features suggest that the Pupipara do not belong to the higher Calypterata. This comparison also supports the view which separates the Streblidae and the Nycteribiidae from the Hippoboscidae, and supplies evidence for reconsideration of the position of these two families among the Calyptera.

Gratitude is expressed to Professor O. Theodor of the Hebrew University, who supplied most of the Pupipara examined, to Professor R. Wenzel of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, for species of American Streblidae and to Dr I. Paperna for the species of Glossina.



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A comparative study of the thoracic skeleton and musculature of the Pupipara and the Glossinidae (Diptera)*

  • Y. Schlein (a1)


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