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Professor Christine Edwards

Professor Christine Edwards
University of Glasgow, UK
Keywords: Nutritional physiology, food and the gut, gut microbiome, dietary carbohydrates and fibre, food matrix, polyphenols

Editorial Office

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Editorial Office, Cambridge University Press, UK

Deputy Editor

NRR Board Jos Houdijk

Dr Jos Houdijk
Scotland's Rural College, UK
Keywords: Nutritional sensitivity of animal production, health, disease and environmental footprint, has worked with most farm animals but also laboratory rodents.


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Dr Emma Allot
Queen's University Belfast, UK
Keywords: Molecular cancer epidemiology, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, Lifestyle risk factors, Lipid metabolism, Tumour biomarker

NRR Board Photo_Ashwell

Dr Margaret Ashwell
Ashwell Associates (Europe) Ltd, UK
Keywords: Obesity in general, in particular central obesity and health outcomes

NRR Board Photo_Black

Dr John Black
John L. Black Consulting, Australia
Keywords: Nutrition of animals: Amino acid and energy requirements across animal species, Comparative animal physiology, Climatic effects on animals, Diet selection by animals, Control of feed intake in animals, Computer simulation modelling of animal physiological processes, Nutrition of honeybee

NRR Board Photo_Dardevet

Dr Dominique Dardevet
INRA, France
Keywords: Aging, Sarcopenia, , Dietary proteins, Muscle signaling, Bioavailability

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Dr Javier Gonzalez
University of Bath, UK

NRR Board photo Haskell-Ramsey

Dr Crystal Haskell-Ramsay
Northumbria University, UK
Keywords: ageing brain; nutrition interventions for memory, cognition, mood and stress

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Dr Jacqueline Hibbert
Morehouse School of Medicine, USA

NRR Board Photo_Hill

Dr Tom Hill
Newcastle University, UK
Keywords: Micronutrients in health and disease, nutrition and ageing, vitamin D

NRR Board Photo_Lodge

Dr John Lodge
Northumbria University, UK
Keywords: antioxidant vitamins, vitamins E and C in health and disease, cardiovascular disease, nutritional metabolomics

NRR Board Carole Lowis

Dr Carole Lowis
Food and Health Communications, UK
Keywords: Public health nutrition; Nutrition communication (including strategies for behaviour change)

NRR Board Photo_Solomons

Dr Noel Solomons
CESSIAM, Guatemala
Keywords: Public health nutrition, Developing countries, Micronutrients, Nutrition and Growth, Lactation Biology, Dietary intake

NRR Board Photo_Stonehouse

Dr Welma Stonehouse
Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
Keywords: Fats and oils; omega-3 fatty acids; nutrition interventions for cardio-metabolic health

NRR Board Photo_Weaver

Professor Connie Weaver
Purdue University, USA
Keywords: Calcium, mineral metabolism, bone, potassium, magnesium, sodium, hypertension, polyphenolics

NRR Board Photo_Younger

Dr Katherine Younger
Dublin Institute of Technology, Republic of Ireland
Keywords: Public health nutrition, including infant feeding, energy balance and obesity, essential minerals, lipids, dietary recommendations and dietary guidelines.