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Theoretical Studies of Pt Chemisorption on γ Al2O3.

  • J. J. Low (a1) and D. E. Ellis (a2)


Generalized Valence Bond (GVB) and Local Density Functional (LDF) calculations were carried out to explore the influence of electronic structure on the metal-support interaction in Pt/γAl2O3. On the basis of GVB calculations it was found that ethylene can form either di-σ- or π complexes on Pt depending on the oxidation state of the metal. The LDF calculations showed that chemisorbed Pt transfers charge to γ-Al2O3. These results and experimental observations led us to propose a model of the metal-support interaction in which the Pt exists in two oxidation states for reduced Pt/ Al2O3 catalysts.



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Theoretical Studies of Pt Chemisorption on γ Al2O3.

  • J. J. Low (a1) and D. E. Ellis (a2)


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