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Raman scattering spectra in C-implanted GaN epilayers

  • W. H. Sun (a1), S. J. Chua (a1), J. Zhang (a2), L. S. Wang (a1), M. S. Hao (a1), K. M. Chen (a3) and G.G. Qin (a3)...


We have investigated the Raman scattering spectra in C-implanted GaN epilayers. (a) In as-implanted GaN, new Raman bands at 293, 376, 669, 1027, 1094 and 1053 cm−1 appeared. From phonon-dispersion curves for hexagonal GaN, the 293 cm−1 and 669 cm−1 bands were tentatively assigned to the highest acoustic-phonon branch and the optical-phonon branch at the Brillouin zone boundaries, respectively; the 1027 and 1094 cm−1 peaks might be caused by two-phonon scattering involving the 376 and 669 cm−1 phonons, and the 376 cm−1and A1(LO) phonons respectively. (b) Two sharp bands at ∼1350 and ∼1600 cm−1 were observed in the Raman spectra of carbon- implanted GaN after post-implantation annealing treatments. The intensities of these two bands increased while their full widths at half maximum decreased with increasing annealing temperature. We assigned them, respectively, to the D and G bands of small graphite crystallites arising from C implantation and post-implantation annealing. The observation of these two bands indicates the formation of small graphite crystallites in C-implanted GaN.



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Raman scattering spectra in C-implanted GaN epilayers

  • W. H. Sun (a1), S. J. Chua (a1), J. Zhang (a2), L. S. Wang (a1), M. S. Hao (a1), K. M. Chen (a3) and G.G. Qin (a3)...


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