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Integration of PLZT and BST Family Oxides with GaN.

  • Andrei V. Osinsky (a1), Vladimir N. Fuflyigin (a1), Feiling Wang (a1), Peter I. Vakhutinsky (a1) and Peter E. Norris (a1)...


Recent advances in the processing of complex-oxide materials has allowed us to monolithically grow ferroelectrics of lead lanthanum zirconate titanate (PLZT) and barium strontium titanate (BST) systems on a GaN/sapphire structure. High quality films of PLZT and BST were grown on GaN/c-Al2O3 in a thickness range of 0.3-5 [.proportional]m by a solgel technique. Field-induced birefringence, as large as 0.02, was measured from a PLZT layer grown on a buffered GaN/sapphire structure. UV illumination was found to result in more symmetrical electrooptic hysteresis loop. BST films on GaN demonstrated a low frequency dielectric constant of up to 800 with leakage current density as low as 5.5.10−8 A/cm2.



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