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Improving the Structural and Electrical Properties of Epitaxial CaF2 on Si By Rapid Thermal Anneaing

  • Julia M. Phillips (a1), Mary L. Manger (a1), Loren Pfeiffer (a1), D. C. Joy (a1), T. P. Smith (a1), W. M. Augustyniak (a1) and K. W. West (a1)...


Rapid thermal annealing (RTA) has been shown to be a useful technique for improving the epitaxial quality of CaF2 films grown on Si(100) by molecular beam epitaxy. We have modified the annealing procedure to prevent crack formation, while still maintaining high film quality. Our work also shows RTA to be useful for improving the crystalline quality, chemical stability, and electrical characteristics of CaF2 films grown on Si(111). After RTA, the crystallinity of CaF2 films on Si(111), as measured by electron channeling, is indistinguishable from bulk single crystal CaF2, and the interface state density is reduced by nearly two orders of magnitude from that found in as-grown films.



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