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Growth of InN by MBE

  • W.-L. Chen (a1), R. L. Gunshor (a1), Jung Han (a2), K. Higashimine (a3) and N. Otsuka (a3)...


A series of experiments were performed to explore the growth of InN by Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE). The growth conditions were optimized based on the study of RHEED during growth and InN dissociation experiments. Characterization of the InN thin films were performed by various techniques such as TEM and XRD.



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Growth of InN by MBE

  • W.-L. Chen (a1), R. L. Gunshor (a1), Jung Han (a2), K. Higashimine (a3) and N. Otsuka (a3)...


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