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Germanium Layer Exfoliation by Ion-Cut Processes

  • Reinhart Job (a1) and Wolfgang Düngen (a2)


(100)–oriented Czochralski germanium (Cz Ge) wafers were implanted with hydrogen at en-ergies up to 100 keV (related to H+) at a doses of D = 4·106 H+/cm2. Post-hydrogen annealing in normal air atmosphere on a hotplate was employed for 10 min at various temperatures between 350 °C and 600 °C to investigate the samples with regard to blistering and layer exfoliation having in mind the Smart-Cut™ technology for GOI structure formation. The generation and evolution of blisters and craters (“exploded” blisters demonstrating layer exfoliation) were investigated in dependence on the annealing temperature by atomic force microscopy and μ-Raman spectroscopy. The latter method points out the appearance of strong tensile stress upon H+ implantation and subsequent annealing. If the tensile stress exceeds about 1.2 GPa layer exfoliation occurs.



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Germanium Layer Exfoliation by Ion-Cut Processes

  • Reinhart Job (a1) and Wolfgang Düngen (a2)


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