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Fabrication of GaN with Buried Tungsten (W) Structures Using Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth (ELO) via LP-MOVPE

  • Hideto Miyake (a1), Motoo Yamaguchi (a1), Masahiro Haino (a1), Atsushi Motogaito (a1), Kazumasa Hiramatsu (a1), Shingo Nambu (a2), Yasutoshi Kawaguchi (a2), Nobuhiko Sawaki (a2), Yasushi Iyechika (a3), Takayoshi Maeda (a3) and Isamu Akasaki (a4)...


A buried tungsten (W) mask structure with GaN is successfully obtained by epitaxial lateral overgrowth (ELO) technique via low-pressure metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (LP-MOVPE). The selectivity of GaN growth on the window region vs. the mask region is good. An underlying GaN with a striped W metal mask is easily decomposed above 500 °C by the W catalytic effect, by which radical hydrogen is reacted with GaN. It is difficult to bury the W mask because severe damage occurs in the GaN epilayer under the mask. It is found that an underlying AlGaN/GaN layer with a narrow W stripe mask width (mask/window = 2/2 νm) leads the ELO GaN layer to be free from damage, resulting in an excellent W-buried structure.



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