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Electrical properties of MBE grown Si-doped AlxGa1−xN as a function of nominal Al mole fraction up to 0.5

  • M. Ahoujja (a1), Y. K. Yeo (a1), R. L. Hengehold (a1) and J. E. Van Nostrand (a2)


Hall-effect measurements were conducted on Si-doped AlxGa1−xN films grown on sapphire substrate by gas source molecular beam epitaxy. The Al mole fraction in the 1 [.proportional]m thick AlxGa1−xN was 0.0, 0.3, and 0.5, and the Si doping concentration was kept at a nominal value of 1018 cm−3. Variable temperature Hall-effect measurements reveal a presence of a highly degenerate n-type region at the AlxGa1−xN /sapphire interface. This degenerate interfacial layer dominates the electrical properties below 30 K and significantly affects the properties of the AlxGa1−xN layer. Thus, by using a two-layer conducting model, the carrier concentration and mobility of the AlxGa1−xN layer alone are obtained.



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