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The Effects of Annealing Temperature on the Characteristics of Buried Oxide Silicon-On-Insulator

  • B.-Y Mao (a1), P.-H. Chang (a2), H.W. Lam (a1), B.W. Shen (a1) and J.A. Keenan (a2)...


The effects of post implantation annealing on the properties of buried oxide silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates in the temperature range of 1150°C to 1300°C have been studied. Microstructural analyses showed that the crystallinity of the top silicon layer was improved at higher annealing temperature. Lower thermal donor generation at 450°C was observed in SOI annealed at higher temperature. The improvement in microstructure and lower thermal donor generation were correlated to the lower oxygen concentration in the top silicon film.



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