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New structural data reveal benleonardite to be a member of the pearceite-polybasite group

  • Luca Bindi (a1), Christopher J. Stanley (a2) and Paul G. Spry (a3)


The determination of the crystal structure of benleonardite (P3m1; R = 0.0321 for 1250 reflections and 102 parameters; refined formula Ag15.00Cu1.00Sb1.58As0.42S7.03Te3.97) obtained using data from a gem-quality, untwinned crystal recovered from the type material, revealed that benleonardite exhibits the structure observed for minerals of the pearceite-polybasite group. The structure consists of the stacking of [Ag6(Sb,As)2S6Te]2– A and [Ag9Cu(S,Te)2Te2]2+ B layer modules in which (Sb, As) forms isolated SbS3 pyramids typically occurring in sulfosalts; Cu links two (S,Te) atoms with linear coordination, and Ag occupies sites with coordination geometries ranging from quasi-linear to almost triangular. The silver ions are found in the B layer module along two-dimensional diffusion paths and their electron densities are evidenced by means of a combination of a Gram-Charlier development of the atom displacement factors and a split model. In the structure, two S positions are completely replaced by Te (i.e. Te3 and Te4) and one is half occupied [S1: S0.514(9)Te0.486], whereas S2 is completely filled by sulfur. This distribution reflects the crystal-chemical environments of the different cations. On the basis of information gained from this characterization, the crystal-chemical formula of benleonardite was revised according to the structural results, yielding Ag15Cu(Sb,As)2S7Te4 (Z = 1) instead of Ag8(Sb,As)Te2S3(Z = 2) as previously reported. Thus, the mineral must be considered a member of the pearceite-polybasite group. A recalculation of the chemical data listed in the scientific literature for benleonardite according to the structural results obtained here leads to excellent agreement.


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