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First crystal-structure determination of natural lansfordite, MgCO3·5H2O

  • Fabrizio Nestola (a1), Anatoly V. Kasatkin (a2), Sergey S. Potapov (a3), Olga YA. Chervyatsova (a4) and Arianna Lanza (a5)...


This study presents the first crystal-structure determination of natural MgCO3·5H2O, mineral lansfordite, in comparison with previous structural works performed on synthetic analogues. A new prototype single-crystal X-ray diffractometer allowed us to measure an extremely small crystal (i.e. 0.020 mm × 0.010 mm × 0.005 mm) and refine anisotropically all non-hydrogen atoms in the structure and provide a robust hydrogen-bond arrangement. Our new data confirm that natural lansfordite can be stable for several months at room temperature, in contrast with previous works, which reported that such a mineral could be stable only below 10°C.


Corresponding author


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First crystal-structure determination of natural lansfordite, MgCO3·5H2O

  • Fabrizio Nestola (a1), Anatoly V. Kasatkin (a2), Sergey S. Potapov (a3), Olga YA. Chervyatsova (a4) and Arianna Lanza (a5)...


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