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On invariant knots

  • Sławomir Kwasik (a1) and Pierre Vogel (a1)


It was first proved by R. Lashof in [4], using the work of S. Cappell and J. Shaneson on four-dimensional surgeryu (see [1]), that there exist locally flat topological knots S3S5 which are not smoothable. In [2] (compare also [6]) S. Cappell and J. Shaneson have constructed infinitely many non-smoothable locally fat topological knots as the fixed points of locally nice (= locally smoothable) Zp actions on S5, therefore giving non-trivial examples of locally smoothable but equivariantly non-smoothable actions of Zp on S5.



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On invariant knots

  • Sławomir Kwasik (a1) and Pierre Vogel (a1)


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