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Growth and Properties of InGaN and AlInGaN Thin Films on (0001) Sapphire

  • E. L. Piner (a1), F. G. McIntosh (a2), J. C. Roberts (a2), M. E. Aumer (a2), V. A. Joshkin (a2), S. M. Bedair (a2) and N. A. El-Masry (a1)...


High quality InGaN films have led to the development of LEDs and blue lasers. The quaternary AlInGaN however, represents a more versatile material since the bandgap and lattice constant can be independently varied. We report on such films grown on (0001) sapphire substrates in an atmospheric pressure MOCVD reactor at 750-800°C. The ternary films have a composition of up to 40% InN and the quaternary films were grown in the composition range of 0 to 20% AlN and 0 to 20% InN. The quaternary compositions studied by EDS and the lattice constants from double crystal XRD followed Vegard's law indicating solid solubility for the range studied. Room temperature PL is dominated by band edge emission for InGaN and AlInGaN, at low AlN%. Higher AlN alloys of AlInGaN had PL dominated by deep levels. AlInGaN/InGaN and AlGaN/InGaN heterostructures were grown with abrupt interfaces. We emphasize the most important growth parameters for the growth of high quality ternary and quaternary thin films. The structural, electrical and optical properties of these In-based ternary and quaternary films and their lattice matched and strained heterostructures will also be presented.



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