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Two new species of Roccellaceae (Ascomycota: Arthoniales) from Brazil, with the description of the new genus Sergipea

  • André APTROOT (a1), Damien ERTZ (a2), Edvaneide Leandro de LIMA (a3), Katia Almeida de JESUS (a4), Leonor Costa MAIA (a3) and Marcela Eugenia da Silva CÁCERES (a4)...


The new lichen genus Sergipea M. Cáceres, Ertz & Aptroot is described in the Roccellaceae, based on the new species Sergipea aurata M. Cáceres, Ertz & Aptroot from NE Brazil. The species was found in a remnant of Atlantic transition forest in Sergipe. It is similar in many respects to species of the genus Enterographa, but it is characterized by bright orange stromata, due to the presence of an anthraquinone, and a thallus with a somewhat byssoid hypothallus. Phylogenetically it is close to the genera Dichosporidium and Erythrodecton. The phylogenetic position of the generic type of Dichosporidium confirms the close relationship of the genus to Erythrodecton in the basal branch of the Roccellaceae. A new species of Enterographa is also described from NE Brazil. Enterographa rotundata E. L. Lima, M. Cáceres & Aptroot has solitary, round apothecia, which is unusual in this genus with mainly elongated apothecia or punctiform apothecia arranged in lines. It was found in Caatinga forest in Pernambuco.



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