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Taxonomical studies on the lichen genus Platygramme (Graphidaceae) in China

  • Ze-Feng JIA (a1) and Klaus KALB (a2)


In the present paper, seven species of the lichen genus Platygramme are reported from China. Two of these, Platygramme pudica and P. platyloma, are new to China and two species, Platygramme hainanensis and P. lueckingii, both from a tropical rain forest in Hainan Island, are described as new to science. The new species belong to a group within Platygramme, which is characterized by concealed discs, while the type species, P. caesiopruinosa, and some others have widely open discs. Descriptions and the known distribution of each species are given and a working key to the Chinese species is provided.



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