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A first modern contribution to Caloplaca biodiversity in South Korea: two new species and some new country records

  • Yogesh JOSHI (a1), Xin Yu WANG (a1), Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO (a2), Young Jin KOH (a1) and Jae-Seoun HUR (a1)...


Eleven species are recognized of which C. bogilana and C. subflavorubescens are described here as new to science while nine species (C. cinnabarina, C. decipiens, C. ferruginea, C. inconspecta, C. pellodella, C. scopularis, C. stantonii, C. squamosa and C. subsoluta) are reported for the first time for South Korea. Both new species are peculiar due to their secondary chemistry; anthraquinones along with atranorin, gyrophoric acid and lecanoric acid in C. bogilana, and gyrophoric acid together with anthraquinones in C. subflavorubescens.



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A first modern contribution to Caloplaca biodiversity in South Korea: two new species and some new country records

  • Yogesh JOSHI (a1), Xin Yu WANG (a1), Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO (a2), Young Jin KOH (a1) and Jae-Seoun HUR (a1)...


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