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The checklist of parmelioid and similar lichens in Europe and some adjacent territories: additions and corrections

  • David L. HAWKSWORTH (a1), Pradeep K. DIVAKAR (a1), Ana CRESPO (a1) and Teuvo AHTI (a2)


Additions and corrections to the checklist published in 2008 are presented. Ten additional species are recognized: Allantoparmelia almquistii, Asahinea chrysantha, Hypogymnia bryophila, Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta, Melanelixia glabratula, Parmelia encryptata, Parmelina atricha, P. cryptotiliacea, Parmotrema cinereopruinata, and Punctelia rudecta. Myelochroa subaurulenta is deleted, and Xanthoparmelia perezdepazii is also noted as newly described from the Canary Islands. In addition, Cavernularia hultenii is now placed in Hypogymnia, the Canoparmelia crozalsiana group is included within Parmotrema, and Parmelinopsis is treated as a synonym of Hypotrachyna. The typification of the name Lichen quercinus is also corrected with the designation of the original figure as lectotype, and the new combination Hypotrachyna cryptochlora comb. nov. (syn. Parmelia cryptochlora) is made.



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The checklist of parmelioid and similar lichens in Europe and some adjacent territories: additions and corrections

  • David L. HAWKSWORTH (a1), Pradeep K. DIVAKAR (a1), Ana CRESPO (a1) and Teuvo AHTI (a2)


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