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The UNESCO Libyan Valleys Survey IV: The 1981 Season

  • G. D. B. Jones (a1), G. W. W. Barker (a2), D. J. Buck (a3), J. R. Burns (a4), J. N. Dore (a4), D. J. Mattingly (a1) and D. Welsby (a4)...


The final season of the three-year programme to survey the central Tripolitanian pre-desert examined the region to the west of the regions of the Wadis Sofeggin and Zem Zem, casting important light on the route between the interior of Libya and the coast during the prehistoric and Roman periods. In particular, a detailed account is given of the archaeological sites of the Bir Scedua Basin and of the Severan fort at Gheriat el-Garbia.



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