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Excavations at Euesperides (Benghazi): an interim report on the 1998 season

  • J. A. Lloyd (a1), P. Bennett (a2), T. V. Buttrey (a3), A. Buzaian (a4), H. El Amin (a5), V. Fell (a6), G. Kashbar (a7), G. Morgan (a8), Y. Ben Nasser (a9), P. C. Roberts (a10), A. I. Wilson (a11) and E. Zimi (a12)...


A third season of excavation and finds analysis at Euesperides in March/April 1998 completed the fieldwork of the project begun in 1995.

Further examination of the city defences suggests that their first phase should be dated not later than the early sixth century BC. The earliest masonry buildings within (and abutting) the city wall seem to belong to the 580s/570s BC. Other discoveries included a plain pebble pavement and a decorated ‘mixed style’ mosaic which should pre-date c. 250 BC, as well as an enchytrismos burial of the fourth century BC. The preliminary results of detailed study of the coins, pottery and lamps, and of scientific analyses of wallplaster and metal, are also presented.



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