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Neurocognitive Profile of an Adult Sample With Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Sofia Sánchez-Román (a1) (a2), Feggy Ostrosky-Solís (a1), Luis E. Morales-Buenrostro (a2), M.G. Nogués-Vizcaíno (a2), Josefina Alberú (a2) and Shawn M. McClintock (a3) (a4)...


Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common and debilitating illness that impacts neurocognitive function. However, the majority of previous studies varied in methodologic design and rigor, thus minimizing definitive conclusions. The present study was designed to determine the impact of CKD on neurocognitive function through specific examination of CKD factors and therapeutic interventions. We evaluated 120 CKD outpatients and 41 healthy donors (controls) in terms of neurocognitive function, anxiety, and depressive symptomatology, and somnolence. Information regarding medical and treatment history was recorded. Twenty-three percent of CKD patients presented with cognitive impairment. Stage 5 patients had lower scores (p < .05) compared with controls and patients in stage 3 and 4 on measures of global cognitive function. No differences in global cognitive function were found between stage 3 and 4 patients and controls. A greater proportion of patients undergoing hemodialysis relative to those treated with peritoneal dialysis showed impairment on measures of memory functions. Results suggest that stage 5 CKD patients may present with impaired cognitive functions. Anemia appeared to be a key variable that may explain the memory impairment in this sample. Future longitudinal investigations of CKD are warranted to determine the trajectory of cognitive impairment. (JINS, 2010, 17, 000–000)


Corresponding author

Correspondence and reprint requests to: Sofía Sánchez-Román, Departamento de Neurología y Psiquiatría, Vasco de Quiroga 15, Tlalpan, Sección XVI, 14000, México D.F. E-mail:


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Neurocognitive Profile of an Adult Sample With Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Sofia Sánchez-Román (a1) (a2), Feggy Ostrosky-Solís (a1), Luis E. Morales-Buenrostro (a2), M.G. Nogués-Vizcaíno (a2), Josefina Alberú (a2) and Shawn M. McClintock (a3) (a4)...


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