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  • ADAM R. DAY (a1) and ANDREW S. MARKS (a2)


We investigate the class of bipartite Borel graphs organized by the order of Borel homomorphism. We show that this class is unbounded by finding a jump operator for Borel graphs analogous to a jump operator of Louveau for Borel equivalence relations. The proof relies on a nonseparation result for iterated Fréchet ideals and filters due to Debs and Saint Raymond. We give a new proof of this fact using effective descriptive set theory. We also investigate an analogue of the Friedman-Stanley jump for Borel graphs. This analogue does not yield a jump operator for bipartite Borel graphs. However, we use it to answer a question of Kechris and Marks by showing that there is a Borel graph with no Borel homomorphism to a locally countable Borel graph, but each of whose connected components has a countable Borel coloring.



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