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Macroscopic randomness in astrophysical plasmas: the legacy and vision of Ya. B. Zeldovich

Macroscopic Randomness in Astrophysical Plasma collection

Ya. B. Zeldovich

This collection contains reviews and research articles on topics of current and future interest broadly related to large-scale random phenomena in astrophysical plasmas. Zeldovich was active in this wide area of research, especially during the last years of his life. His interest resulted in a vigorous activity of his group in dynamo theory. It is not a coincidence that his last book is entitled "The Almighty Chance" (World Scientific, 1990).

To reflect the scope of Zeldovich's interests and contributions to science, the individual topics covered in the Special Issue can be broad and not necessarily connected directly with Zeldovich's specific work interpreted narrowly. The editors believe that it would be important to focus on the growth points that are likely to frame future research. Zeldovich was famous for his deep knowledge of an incredibly wide range of areas and his ability to cross-pollinate them. The editors' hope is that the Special Issue papers will look into the future rather than into the past, and breach fruitfully the boundaries of narrow branches within mathematics, physics and astrophysics. The list of topics included will be broad, to reflect the fundamental nature of plasma physics, and include cosmological plasmas, structure formation in the Universe, magnetohydrodynamics of random flows and dynamo theory, shock waves in collisional and collisionless plasmas, relativistic plasmas, etc.

Editors of the Special Issue:


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