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A new rostroconch (Mollusca) from the Mississippian of West Virginia

  • Richard D. Hoare (a1) (a2) and Robert L. Peck (a1) (a2)


Reports on Mississippian rostroconchs from the Appalachian basin are rare. Winchell (1871), Herrick (1888, 1890, 1891), Hyde (1953), and Hoare (1990, 2004) discussed taxa from Ohio. These reports concerned pre-Chesterian occurrences with the exception of the Chesterian Bransonia hydei Hoare, 1990 and Oxyprora sp. Hoare (2004) from the Maxville Limestone. Specimens of the new taxon were reported by Busanus (1974) as Conocardium spp. from the Chesterian Reynolds Limestone in northern West Virginia.



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A new rostroconch (Mollusca) from the Mississippian of West Virginia

  • Richard D. Hoare (a1) (a2) and Robert L. Peck (a1) (a2)


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