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A new Ordovician gastropod and operculum from the Czech Republic

  • David M. Rohr (a1) and Jiří Frýda (a2)


Fossilized opercula are uncommon in Paleozoic rocks, and shells with the operculum in place are rare. A single specimen with the operculum in place was discovered by P. Slehofer in a concretion in the Ordovician Zahorany Formation of the Prague Basin. Formerly known as Trochonema excavatum Barrande in Perner, 1903, the species is the basis of the new genus Slehoferia. Perner (1903) reported the shell of the same species from two localities, and additional specimens without the operculum are in the collections of the National Museum and Czech Geological Survey. Studied material is deposited in the paleontological collection of the Czech Geological Survey, Prague.



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A new Ordovician gastropod and operculum from the Czech Republic

  • David M. Rohr (a1) and Jiří Frýda (a2)


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