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Late Permian ammonoid cephalopod Cyclolobus from Western Australia

  • Brian F. Glenister (a1), Cathy Baker (a2), W. M. Furnish (a1) and J. M. Dickins (a3)


A single specimen of Cyclolobus persulcatus Rothpletz (1892), a species interpreted as a primitive member of the genus, is described from the Cherrabun Member of the Hardman Formation, Liveringa Group, Canning Basin, Western Australia. It is the youngest Permian ammonoid known from Australia. Type and other representatives of C. persulcatus from Indonesia (Timor) are part of the “Amarassi fauna,” which is considered post-Guadalupian. Cyclolobus is sporadically abundant and widely distributed in the Dzhulfian Stage, and probably extends into the overlying Dorashamian Stage.



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Late Permian ammonoid cephalopod Cyclolobus from Western Australia

  • Brian F. Glenister (a1), Cathy Baker (a2), W. M. Furnish (a1) and J. M. Dickins (a3)


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