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Iheringinucula, a new genus of the family Nuculidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from the Tertiary of Patagonia (Argentina)

  • Claudia J. del Río (a1) and Horacio H. Camacho (a2)


Iheringinucula, a new Tertiary genus of the family Nuculidae, is proposed. This taxon is known only from the Patagonian region (Argentina), and its range is from the late Eocene to the early Miocene. Two species are known: Iheringinucula tricesima (Ihering) from the Monte León Formation (upper Oligocene-lower Miocene) and Iheringinucula crassirugata new species from the San Julián Formation (upper Eocene-lower Oligocene?) and the Monte León Formation.



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Iheringinucula, a new genus of the family Nuculidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from the Tertiary of Patagonia (Argentina)

  • Claudia J. del Río (a1) and Horacio H. Camacho (a2)


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