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Endemic Permian ammonoid genus Yinoceras, central Hunan, south China

  • Zuren Zhou (a1), Brian F. Glenister and W. M. Furnish (a2)


Revision and redefinition of the Permian ammonoid genus Yinoceras Chao, 1954, is based upon examination of the holotype of its type species, Y. lenticulare Chao, plus new material collected from the Kungurian Dangchong Formation of central Hunan, China. Yinoceras is a valid yinoceratin genus within the pseudohaloritid Superfamily Pseudohaloritoidea, Suborder Tornoceratina, Order Goniatitida.



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Endemic Permian ammonoid genus Yinoceras, central Hunan, south China

  • Zuren Zhou (a1), Brian F. Glenister and W. M. Furnish (a2)


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