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Bryozoa of the Mission Argillite (Permian), northeastern Washington

  • Ernest H. Gilmour (a1) and Edward M. Snyder (a2)


Fifteen species of Late Permian bryozoans occur in a biohermal bank in the Mission Argillite of northeastern Washington. These include two species conspecific with species described from Japan and 13 new species, one of which is the type species of a new genus. The presence of two species, Dyscritella iwaizakiensis Sakagami, 1961, and Hayasakapora cf. erectoradiata Sakagami, 1960, previously reported from Japan, and the similarity of new species with those previously described from Japan, China and Russia supports the idea that these rocks were originally deposited in the southeastern or central western Pacific Ocean and subsequently accreted to the North American Plate.

Bryozoans and previously reported fusulinids indicate that the biohermal bank is latest Wordian (Kazanian).

Newly described bryozoans include the new genus and type species Sakagamiina easternensis belonging to the Timanodictyidae. Other new species are Fistuliramus pacificus, Meekoporella inflecta, Neoeridotrypella missionensis, Coeloclemis urhausenii, Tabulipora colvillensis, Rhombotrypella kettlensis, Pamirella oculus, Pinegopora petita, Wjatkella nanea, Alternifenestella vagrantia, Polypora arbusca, and Mackinneyella stylettia.



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Bryozoa of the Mission Argillite (Permian), northeastern Washington

  • Ernest H. Gilmour (a1) and Edward M. Snyder (a2)


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