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Processing of Bi–Sr–Ca–Cu–O glasses using platinum and alumina crucibles

  • T.G. Holesinger (a1), D.J. Miller (a1), S. Fleshler (a1) and L.S. Chumbley (a2)


Reactions with alumina and platinum crucibles were studied during the preparation of Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2Oy “2212” glasses. In particular, reactions with Al2O3 are of interest since alumina is a potential substrate material in applications of this superconductor. Glasses processed using alumina crucibles were completely homogeneous and free of secondary phases although the material contained 2.26 at. % Al in solution. After heat treatments, Al was found in the form of SrCaAlOy particles located primarily along grain boundaries of the 2212 superconducting phase. Platinum contamination was minimal (<0.02 at. %) and no Pt-containing secondary phases were found in amorphous or annealed samples. Glasses made with Pt crucibles were found to contain small amounts of CaO, Sr14−xCaxCu24O41, and 2201 as second phases. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) suggested that the crystallization processes were essentially the same for all samples although the small amount of Al seemed to slow the kinetics leading to the formation of 2212. Neither Al nor Pt was detected within the 2212 phase. The measured superconducting compositions in each annealed sample were nearly the same with identical transition temperatures of 88 K. Overall differences in stoichiometry were accommodated by changes in the number and composition of the secondary phases present.



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Processing of Bi–Sr–Ca–Cu–O glasses using platinum and alumina crucibles

  • T.G. Holesinger (a1), D.J. Miller (a1), S. Fleshler (a1) and L.S. Chumbley (a2)


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