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  • ISSN: 2164-6570 (Print), 2164-6589 (Online)
  • Editor: Tom S. Clark Emory University, USA
  • Editorial board
JLC will be published by the Cambridge University Press in association with the Law and Courts Organized Section of the American Political Science Association from 2023.

The Journal of Law and Courts (JLC) is the flagship journal of the Law & Courts Section of the American Political Science Association. In addition to political science scholarship, the journal has interdisciplinary aims and publishes a broad range of research for members of the law and courts intellectual community. The journal is dedicated to combating intellectual fragmentation and promoting communication and fertilization across traditional boundaries. JLC publishes articles tackling theoretical and empirical questions that strike a wide audience of scholars as important across legal and judicial issues relating to politics, process, policy, ethics, justice, and/or culture. JLC employs highly rigorous arguments and methods, and is written in a manner interesting and accessible to scholars with perspectives different from the author's.

Law & Courts