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JLAS Best Article Prize


‘The JLAS Best Article Prize is awarded to the author of an exceptional paper published in the Journal of Latin American Studies from the preceding volume year. The current winner is Willie Hiatt, author of Slapstick Diplomacy: Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator and Latin American Theatres of War.

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  • ISSN: 0022-216X (Print), 1469-767X (Online)
  • Editors: Dr Graham Denyer Willis University of Cambridge, UK , Dr Sian Lazar University of Cambridge, UK , Professor Patience Schell University of Aberdeen, UK and Professor Diego Sánchez-Ancochea University of Oxford, UK
  • Editorial board
Journal of Latin American Studies presents recent research in the field of Latin American studies in development studies, economics, geography, history, politics and international relations, public policy, sociology and social anthropology. Regular features include articles on contemporary themes, short thematic commentaries on key issues, and an extensive section of book reviews.

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Virtual Special Issue: Cold War in Latin America - Introduction by Tanya Harmer

This virtual special issue highlights some of the exciting directions that scholarship on the Cold War in Latin America has taken over the last decade. 

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Virtual Special Issue Collection: The Cold War in Latin America

JLAS Podcasts: In Spanish and English


Los editores de JLAS se reunieron durante la conferencia de LASA en Barcelona que se llevó a cabo en mayo de 2018. Conversaron sobre el proceso de evaluación de artículos, el tipo de artículos que solemos publicar, y algunos de los errores que los autores deberían evitar al preparar sus artículos. Grabamos esta conversación y la puedes escuchar en castellano aquí.


At the 2018 LASA congress in Barcelona, the editors of JLAS got together to talk about the journal’s review process, what kinds of articles we are looking for, and what are some of the common pitfalls for authors to avoid. We recorded this discussion, and you can find it here in English.

Area Studies – Cambridge Core Blog

  • Civic Lessons: Policing, Citizenship and Equality
  • 08 August 2019, Guy Ben-Porat and Fany Yuval
  • The killing of Solomon Tekah, an 18 year-old Ethiopian-Israeli, shot to death by a police officer, led to mass demonstrations. Young Israelis of Ethiopian descent...

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2019 Sturgis Leavitt Award for Best Article


The 2019 Sturgis Leavitt Award for Best Article from the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies is awarded to Lily Pearl Balloffet for for her impressive paper (Argentine and Egyptian History Entangled: From Perón to Nasser) published in the Journal of Latin American Studies.

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New books in Latin American Studies:

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