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Clinical significance of granulation tissue after transoral laser microsurgery for glottic cancer

  • E Rioja (a1), J-L Blanch (a2), A Borés (a3), M Bernal-Sprekelsen (a4) (a5) and I Vilaseca (a4) (a5)...



Granulation tissue after transoral laser microsurgery can make it difficult to distinguish between normal healing and tumour recurrence.

Materials and methods:

We carried out a retrospective analysis of 316 consecutive glottic carcinomas (Tis–T3). Presence of granulation tissue at one and six months was correlated with demographic and clinical data, tumour and surgical characteristics, and tumour relapse.


Granulation tissue appeared in 53.8 per cent of patients at month 1, resolving spontaneously in 41.8 per cent. Revision surgery was performed in 60.1 per cent and was effective in 41.1 per cent. At month 6, 14.9 per cent of patients presented with granulation tissue. In 74.5 per cent the tissue was surgically removed and was positive for malignancy in 62.9 per cent. Tumour relapse presented in 29.4 per cent with granulation tissue at month 1 and in 61.7 per cent at month 6 (p = 0.000). Granulation tissue at month 1 correlated with thyroid cartilage exposure and continued smoking. At month 6, granulation tissue correlated with thyroid cartilage exposure, the affected surgical margins and diabetes.


Granulation tissue after transoral laser microsurgery is frequent. When it persists at six months, revision surgery is formally recommended.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Isabel Vilaseca, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Hospital Clínic, C/Villarroel 170, 08036, Barcelona, Spain E-mail:


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Clinical significance of granulation tissue after transoral laser microsurgery for glottic cancer

  • E Rioja (a1), J-L Blanch (a2), A Borés (a3), M Bernal-Sprekelsen (a4) (a5) and I Vilaseca (a4) (a5)...


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