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Large-eddy simulation study of the logarithmic law for second- and higher-order moments in turbulent wall-bounded flow

  • Richard J. A. M. Stevens (a1) (a2), Michael Wilczek (a1) and Charles Meneveau (a1)


The logarithmic law for the mean velocity in turbulent boundary layers has long provided a valuable and robust reference for comparison with theories, models and large-eddy simulations (LES) of wall-bounded turbulence. More recently, analysis of high-Reynolds-number experimental boundary-layer data has shown that also the variance and higher-order moments of the streamwise velocity fluctuations $\def \xmlpi #1{}\def \mathsfbi #1{\boldsymbol {\mathsf {#1}}}\let \le =\leqslant \let \leq =\leqslant \let \ge =\geqslant \let \geq =\geqslant \def \Pr {\mathit {Pr}}\def \Fr {\mathit {Fr}}\def \Rey {\mathit {Re}}u^{\prime +}$ display logarithmic laws. Such experimental observations motivate the question whether LES can accurately reproduce the variance and the higher-order moments, in particular their logarithmic dependency on distance to the wall. In this study we perform LES of very high-Reynolds-number wall-modelled channel flow and focus on profiles of variance and higher-order moments of the streamwise velocity fluctuations. In agreement with the experimental data, we observe an approximately logarithmic law for the variance in the LES, with a ‘Townsend–Perry’ constant of $A_1\approx 1.25$ . The LES also yields approximate logarithmic laws for the higher-order moments of the streamwise velocity. Good agreement is found between $A_p$ , the generalized ‘Townsend–Perry’ constants for moments of order $2p$ , from experiments and simulations. Both are indicative of sub-Gaussian behaviour of the streamwise velocity fluctuations. The near-wall behaviour of the variance, the ranges of validity of the logarithmic law and in particular possible dependencies on characteristic length scales such as the roughness length $z_0$ , the LES grid scale $\Delta $ , and subgrid scale mixing length $C_s\Delta $ are examined. We also present LES results on moments of spanwise and wall-normal fluctuations of velocity.


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Large-eddy simulation study of the logarithmic law for second- and higher-order moments in turbulent wall-bounded flow

  • Richard J. A. M. Stevens (a1) (a2), Michael Wilczek (a1) and Charles Meneveau (a1)


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