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Flow over a flat plate with uniform inlet and incident coherent gusts

  • Imran Afgan (a1) (a2) (a3), Sofiane Benhamadouche (a4) (a5), Xingsi Han (a1), Pierre Sagaut (a1) and Dominique Laurence (a2) (a4)...


The flow over a flat plate at a Reynolds number of 750 is numerically investigated via fine large-eddy simulation (LES), first at normal ( $90\textdegree $ ) and then at oblique ( $45\textdegree $ ) incidence flow direction with a uniform steady inlet. The results are in complete agreement with the direct numerical simulation (DNS) and experimental data, thereby serving as a validation for the present simulations. For the normal ( $90\textdegree $ ) uniform inflow case, coherent vortices are alternately shed from both leading edges of the plate, whereas for the oblique ( $45\textdegree $ ) uniform inflow case the vortices shed from the two sides of the plate interact strongly resulting in a quasi-periodic force response. The normal flat plate is then analysed with an incident gust signal with varying amplitude and time period. For these incident coherent gust cases, a reference test case with variable coherent inlet is first studied and the results are compared to a steady inlet simulation, with a detailed analysis of the flow behaviour and the wake response under the incident gust. Finally, the flat plate response to 16 different gust profiles is studied. A transient drag reconstruction for these incident coherent gust cases is then presented based on a frequency-dependent transfer function and phase spectrum analysis.


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