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Editors’ Report for 2021

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  24 November 2021

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Editors’ Notes
© The Economic History Association 2021

Eric Hilt is now entering his second year editing the non-Eurasian submissions. Dan Bogart is in his fourth year editing the Eurasian submissions to the Journal. John Parman is the book review editor for the Americas. Aldo Musacchio is the book review editor for the rest of the world. The Journal is fortunate in having Lily Welch continue as the Journal’s Editorial Assistant and Sally Sztrecska as its Production Editor.

The Journal has benefited greatly from the expert guidance and advice of our Editorial Board and more than 360 referees who contributed their time and expertise to maintaining and enhancing the Journal’s quality. Editorial Board members typically serve four-year terms. Those departing from the Board this year are Robert Margo, Johan Fourie, John Tang, Latika Chaudhary, and Jessica Vechbanyongratana. We have three new board members, Matthew Jaremski, Allison Shertzer, and Jacob Weisdorf. We also recognize and appreciate numerous scholars’ contributions to the Journal’s book reviews. The editorial office is grateful to all who have worked on behalf of the Journal over this past year.

The number of new submissions to the Journal in recent years is shown in Table 1. Over the years, from 2013–2018, the average number of submissions per year was approximately 160, but in the past three years, there was a noticeable jump in the number of submissions to 195, 209, and 206. It appears the higher number of submissions in the last three years is not an aberration but rather a new level for the inflow of submissions. The publication ratio displayed in Table 1 is the number of refereed papers and notes published in the current year divided by the number of new manuscripts submitted in the previous year. In 2020–2021, the publication ratio was 0.14 (30/209), which is lower than in the recent past. This reflects a higher number of submissions. The Journal published 31 articles in total in 2020–2021, including Hugh Rockoff’s presidential address.


The “published” count includes refereed articles and notes. It does not include the presidential address, which is published in June, nor “reviews and reflections” articles. In 2017–2018, the Journal published one “reviews and reflections” article.

Table 2 reports the response-time statistics for the corresponding sample. To place the numbers into context, our goal is to have a decision back to the author within 90 days. This past year’s performance has been somewhat slower than previous years for new submissions, with a median response time of just under 68 days. Note that this pertains to submissions received from July 2020 to June 2021, some of which may not have received decisions at the time of this report’s writing. The median response time for all submissions (included revised manuscripts) is slightly higher. Unfortunately, a small number of papers have taken longer to review. We apologize to authors of manuscripts that experienced substantial delays. We continuously work to reduce the time for this small number of manuscripts, taking into consideration that we are, of course, concerned about the quality of the response, not only its speed.


The distributions of submissions are documented in subsequent tables. We show the data for eras in Table 3 and for topics in Table 4. The automated part of the paper submission system stopped collecting information on regions for a period of time during 2015 and 2016. This means that we do not have consistent comparisons over all years in the table. What is currently available is shown in Table 5.



Note: This table corrects errors in previous years’ reports for 2014–2015 and 2015–2016 percent entries.


*2015–2016 Region data are from March 18, 2016–June 30, 2016.

The Journal’s coverage remains broad. Table 3 shows that the distribution of submissions over eras has been fairly steady in recent years, with the nineteenth and twentieth centuries accounting for the bulk of submissions. Table 4 shows that submissions in political economy and growth continue to be particularly strong. Labor emerged as third most-common topic. Nonetheless, the top-three topic areas together account for less than 45 percent of all submissions, reflecting broadly dispersed interests within the field. Table 5 shows that submissions on Western Europe and the United States are most common. In the past year, there was a dip in the share of submissions on the Western Europe, Africa, and Latin America and a rise in the share of submissions on the United States.

Book reviews are an important component of the Journal, and we sincerely thank the many reviewers. We also remind our membership to have their press send a copy of any new books to the relevant book review editor. In recent years, the Journal has also sought occasional “reviews and reflections” synthetic articles, extended book reviews, and roundtable book reviews when appropriate. There were no “reviews and reflections” articles published in 2019–2021, but we are in discussions with various authors for writing more.

Readers will recall that at the 2013 meetings, the EHA board of trustees approved a policy to make publication conditional on archiving the data sufficient to replicate the results in the accepted articles. The authors of all new submissions from January 1, 2016 onward that were accepted for publication have been required to post data and replication files to maintain and advance the Journal’s efforts to ensure transparency and scholarly integrity. A branded page can be found with openICPSR, and depositors can submit files into openICPSR per the instructions available at The editorial office and ICPSR continue to work to enhance the interface.

Referees for 2020 were:

  • Ran Abramitzky

  • Olivier Accominotti

  • Mike Adams

  • Philipp Ager

  • Shameel Ahmad

  • Hakon Albers

  • Thilo Albers

  • Gani Aldashev

  • Guido Alfani

  • Eduard Josep Alvarez Palau

  • D. Mark Anderson

  • Haelim Anderson

  • Luz Marina Arias

  • Leticia Arroyo Abad

  • Vellore Arthi

  • Miguel Artola Blanco

  • Cihan Artunç

  • Jeremy Atack

  • Liang Bai

  • Ying Bai

  • Gerben Bakker

  • Jean-Pascal Bassino

  • Joerg Baten

  • Guillaume Bazot

  • Brian Beach

  • Anne Beck Knudsen

  • Sascha O.Becker

  • Stephane Becuwe

  • Cliff Bekar

  • Andriana Bellou

  • Erik Bengtsson

  • Thor Berger

  • Asaf Bernstein

  • Sheetal Bharat

  • Hoyt Bleakley

  • Howard Bodenhorn

  • Lars Boerner

  • Anne Booth

  • Fabio Braggion

  • John Broad

  • Stephen Broadberry

  • John Brown

  • Gillian Brunet

  • Liam Brunt

  • Konstantin Buechel

  • Carsten Burhop

  • Louis Cain

  • Cameron Campbell

  • Edmund Cannon

  • Davide Cantoni

  • Gabriele Cappelli

  • Ann Carlos

  • Mark A. Carlson

  • Mark Casson

  • Benjamin Chabot

  • Eric Chaney

  • Jonathan Chapman

  • Latika Chaudhary

  • Alex Chernoff

  • David Chilosi

  • Carlo Ciccarelli

  • Francesco Cinnirella

  • Karen Clay

  • Christopher Colvin

  • Carola Conces Binder

  • Alessandro Corsi

  • Metin Cosgel

  • Gary Cox

  • Neil Cummins

  • Tomas Cvrcek

  • Aditya Dasgupta

  • Guillaume Daudin

  • Romola Davenport

  • Joseph Day

  • Alan de Bromhead

  • Pim de Zwart

  • Tracy K. Dennison

  • Mark Dincecco

  • Christian Dippel

  • Paul Dower

  • Mauricio Drelichman

  • Martin Dribe

  • Brandon Dupont

  • Yannick Dupraz

  • Xavier Duran

  • Andrew Dustan

  • Alan Dye

  • Merkus Eberhardt

  • Kerstin Enflo

  • Katherine Eriksson

  • José-Antonio Espín-Sánchez

  • Rui Esteves

  • Giovanni Federico

  • James Feigenbaum

  • Alan Fernihough

  • Andy Ferrara

  • Daniel Fetter

  • Alexander Field

  • Price Fishback

  • Martin Fiszbein

  • Philip Fliers

  • Caroline Fohlin

  • James Foreman-Peck

  • Vicky Fouka

  • Johan Fourie

  • Ewout Frankema

  • Nicolas Fremeaux

  • Jeffrey Frieden

  • Dustin Frye

  • Gregori Galofré-Vilà

  • Leigh Gardner

  • Victor Gay

  • Oscar Gelderblom

  • Sun Go

  • Marc Goni

  • Rowena Gray

  • Amanda Gregg

  • Daniel Gross

  • Richard Grossman

  • Yanfeng Gu

  • Timothy Guinnane

  • Bishnupriya Gupta

  • Federico Gutierrez

  • Christopher Hanes

  • Walker Hanlon

  • Casper Hansen

  • C. Knick Harley

  • Ron Harris

  • Timothy Hatton

  • Joshua Hausman

  • Alfonso Herranz-Loncán

  • Eric Hilt

  • Tai-kuang Ho

  • Nicholas Holtkamp

  • Richard Hornbeck

  • Erik Hornung

  • Sara Horrell

  • Michael Huberman

  • Jane Humphries

  • Thilo Huning

  • Alejandra Irigoin

  • Douglas Irwin

  • David Jacks

  • Tarun Jain

  • Andrew Jalil

  • Matthew Jaremski

  • Taylor Jaworski

  • Saumitra Jha

  • Clemens Jobst

  • Noel Johnson

  • Maggie Jones

  • Tobias Jopp

  • Enrique Jorge Sotelo

  • Reka Juhasz

  • Karam Kang

  • Steven Karceski

  • Ian Keay

  • Wolfgang Keller

  • Morgan Kelly

  • Sari Kerr

  • Lionel Kesztenbaum

  • Duol Kim

  • Carl Kitchens

  • Alexander Klein

  • Christoph Koenig

  • Michael Kopsidis

  • Edward Kosack

  • Paul Kosmetatos

  • Mark Koyama

  • Michael Kuehlwein

  • James Kai-sing Kung

  • Sumner La Croix

  • Alvaro La Parra-Perez

  • Naomi Lamoreaux

  • Markus Lampe

  • Ryan Lampe

  • Marc Law

  • Giampaolo Lecce

  • Woong Lee

  • Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer

  • Bryan Leonard

  • Joshua Lewis

  • Dan Li

  • Ling-Fan Li

  • Zhao Liuyan

  • Trevon Logan

  • Jason Long

  • Paul Lovejoy

  • Adrienne Lucas

  • Stephan Luck

  • Ivan Luzardo-Luna

  • Ronan Lyons

  • Chicheng Ma

  • Debin Ma

  • Ye Ma

  • Jakob Madsen

  • Mikołaj Malinowski

  • Olga Malkova

  • Shanthi Manian

  • Robert Margo

  • Andrei Markevich

  • Fabrizio Marodin

  • Elena Martínez-Ruiz

  • Gabriel Mathy

  • Noel Maurer

  • Eoin McGuirk

  • Christopher Meissner

  • Tatiana Mikhailova

  • Melinda Miller

  • Chris Minns

  • Anna Missiaia

  • Jørgen Modalsli

  • Carolyn Moehling

  • Jakob Molinder

  • Eric Monnet

  • Lyndon Moore

  • Stephen Morgan

  • Chiaki Moriguchi

  • Matthias Morys

  • Petra Moser

  • Tomas Murphy

  • Aldo Musacchio

  • Steven Nafziger

  • Suresh Naidu

  • Timur Natkhov

  • Natalya Naumenko

  • Arpita Nepal

  • Greg Niemesh

  • Stefan Nikolic

  • Dennis Novy

  • Cormac Ó Gráda

  • Nonso Obikili

  • Kota Ogasawara

  • Sheilagh Ogilvie

  • Martha L. Olney

  • Mats Olsson

  • Massimiliano Onorato

  • Kim Oosterlinck

  • Les Oxley

  • Christopher Paik

  • Nuno Palma

  • Craig Palsson

  • Laura Panza

  • John Parman

  • Sahar Parsa

  • Santiago Perez

  • Elisabeth Perlman

  • Alexander Persaud

  • Ulrich Pfister

  • Janneke Pieters

  • Santiago Piquero Zarauz

  • Florian Ploeckl

  • Gilles Postel-Vinay

  • Leandro Prados de la Escosura

  • Sarah Quincy

  • Stephen Quinn

  • William Quinn

  • Rodney Ramcharan

  • Indrajit Ray

  • Angela Redish

  • Claudia Rei

  • Alice Reid

  • Jaime Reis

  • Paul Rhode

  • Gary Richardson

  • Leonardo Ridolfi

  • Angelo Riva

  • William Roberds

  • Hugh Rockoff

  • Evan Rose

  • Jonathan Rose

  • Jean-Laurent Rosenthal

  • Joan Roses

  • K. Geert Rouwenhorst

  • Jared Rubin

  • Anne Ruderman

  • Valeria Rueda

  • Wouter Ryckbosch

  • David Ryden

  • Martin Saavedra

  • Soham Sahoo

  • Osamu Saito

  • Mohamed Saleh

  • Laura Salisbury

  • Veronica Santarosa

  • Carlos Santiago-Caballero

  • Yu Sasaki

  • Eric Schneider

  • Kevin Schurer

  • Robert Schwartz

  • Daniel Schwekendiek

  • Peter Scott

  • Andrew Seltzer

  • Edson Severnini

  • Paul Sharp

  • Viacheslav Sheremirov

  • Allison Shertzer

  • Carol Shiue

  • Masato Shizume

  • Richard Sicotte

  • Fan Simon

  • Carolyn Sissoko

  • Simon Smith

  • Tuan-Hwee Sng

  • Kenneth A. Snowden

  • Peter Solar

  • Albert Solé-Ollé

  • Yannay Spitzer

  • Steven Sprick Schuster

  • Mara Squicciarini

  • Judy Stephenson

  • Christian Stohr

  • Nathan Sussman

  • Anand Swamy

  • John Tang

  • Sebastian Tello-Trillo

  • Melissa Thomasson

  • Sara Torregrosa

  • Alex Trew

  • Francesca Trivellato

  • Chinmay Tumbe

  • John Turner

  • Nicky Tynan

  • Stefano Ugolini

  • Stefano Ungaro

  • Felipe Valencia Caicedo

  • Christiaan van Bochove

  • Karine van der Beek

  • Marlous van Waijenburg

  • Jan Luiten van Zanden

  • Michelangelo Vasta

  • Jessica Vechbanyongratana

  • Gertjan Verdickt

  • Chris Vickers

  • Simon Ville

  • Stephanos Vlachos

  • Tamas Vonyo

  • Angela Vossmeyer

  • Fabian Wahl

  • Daniel Waldenstrom

  • John Wallis

  • Patrick Wallis

  • Kirsten Wandschneider

  • Felix Ward

  • Ian Webster

  • Simone Wegge

  • Marc Weidenmier

  • Jacob Weisdorf

  • Colin Weiss

  • Leonardo Weller

  • Alex Whalley

  • Ulrich Woitek

  • Nikolaus Wolf

  • Gavin Wright

  • Yang Xie

  • Chenzi Xu

  • Melanie Xue

  • Se Yan

  • David Yang

  • Xuesheng You

  • Noam Yuchtman

  • Jing Zhang

  • Nicolas Ziebarth

  • Ariell Zimran

  • Beatrice Zucca

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Editors’ Report for 2021
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Editors’ Report for 2021
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Editors’ Report for 2021
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