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Pius XI's Promotion of the Italian Model of Catholic Action in the World-Wide Church



During his pontificate, Pius xi (1922–39) vigorously promoted the ‘export’ of the Italian model of Catholic Action to the rest of the Church as the organisational blueprint for Catholic lay activism, particularly in the battle against atheistic Communism. He was assisted by Mgr, later Cardinal, Giuseppe Pizzardo, the head of Italian Catholic Action. The successes and failures of this campaign are tracked through documents available since the opening of the files of the apostolic nunciatures and delegations and the Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs section of the Secretariat of State for Pius xi's pontificate in the Vatican Archives.



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45 1922 international eucharistic congress (actually planned by Benedict xv); 1925 holy year and missionary exhibition; 1926 international Catholic athletic competition (cancelled because of Fascist attacks on Catholic youth); 1927 anniversary of St Francis; 1929 celebrations of the pope's sacerdotal jubilee; 1931 fortieth anniversary celebrations of Rerum Novarum; 1932 international exhibition of sacred art; 1933–4 extraordinary holy year; 1935 exhibition of the Catholic press; 1936 international congress of Catholic nurses and peace congress of Catholic ex–combatants; 1937 international congress of Catholic doctors. There was also the 1939 international gatherings of JOC (cancelled because of the outbreak of war), and other smaller gatherings of specialist groups. Pius had also planned a congress of ‘Catholic sportsmen’ in Rome in September 1926, but it too was cancelled because of disputes with Mussolini over Catholic Action: press-cutting, Echo de Paris, 5 Sept. 1926, AdRP, Parigi, Cerretti, b. 390.

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