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About this journal
International Legal Materials
  • ISSN: 0020-7829 (Print), 1930-6571 (Online)
  • Frequency: 6 issues per year
International Legal Materials (ILM) is a publication of the American Society of International Law that reproduces primary international legal documents reflecting the broad scope and evolution of international law. ILM serves as a widely recognized archive of international law documents for a diverse, global community of legal scholars, government officials, private practitioners, and institutions with a common interest in international law. ILM is prepared with the advice of an Editorial Advisory Committee and the assistance of Corresponding Editors around the world, who devote their time and expertise to selecting the most significant materials for publication in ILM. Each primary document is prefaced with an introductory note, written by legal experts, that summarizes the document and provides insight on its significance in the field of international law.
ASIL members should log in to the American Society of International Law webpages to gain access to the full ILM archive.

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International Legal Materials is a publication of the American Society of International Law.