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A V-band switched-beam transmit-array antenna

  • José A. Zevallos Luna (a1) and Laurent Dussopt (a1)


A high-directivity switched-beam antenna in the V-band is presented and includes a circularly-polarized transmit-array realized in a low-cost printed technology associated with a focal source array integrated on high-resistivity silicon. The measurements show a maximum gain of 12.1 dBi, a 3-dB gain-bandwidth of 57.8–70 GHz, and an axial ratio below 5 dB. The antenna exhibits five beams pointing from −22° to +23° in one plane, its size of 25 × 25 × 10 mm3 is compatible with the integration in different multimedia communication devices.


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A V-band switched-beam transmit-array antenna

  • José A. Zevallos Luna (a1) and Laurent Dussopt (a1)


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