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Theoretical study of ground radiation tag antenna with Tunable open-slot exciter

  • Yi-Fang Lin (a1), Ming-Jui Chang (a1), Hua-Ming Chen (a1) and Shih-Ting Huang (a1)


A novel radio frequency identification tag antenna is composed of a resonant open-slot exciter and a dipole-type ground radiator. For a conjugate match to the Alien Higgs-4 chip impedance of 8−j149 Ω at 925 MHz, a quarter wavelength open-slot resonator embedded at the center of the dipole-type ground plane (130 × 18 mm2) was investigated and fabricated. Simple size adjustments and various loaded inductor of the open-slot resonator allow for easy control of the tag antenna resistance and inductive reactance, from which the chip impedance requirement can be easily obtained. The read range of the prototype antenna attached on a foam in the free space can reach more than 9 m, which has been tested for a radio frequency identification reader with 4.0-W of effective isotropic radiated power. Measurement data are in good agreement with simulation results.


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Theoretical study of ground radiation tag antenna with Tunable open-slot exciter

  • Yi-Fang Lin (a1), Ming-Jui Chang (a1), Hua-Ming Chen (a1) and Shih-Ting Huang (a1)


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