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Radar micro-Doppler mini-UAV classification using spectrograms and cepstrograms

  • Ronny I.A. Harmanny (a1), Jacco J.M. de Wit (a2) and Gilles Premel-Cabic (a1)


The radar micro-Doppler signature of a target is determined by parts of the target moving or rotating in addition to the main body motion. The relative motion of these parts is characteristic for different classes of targets, e.g. the flapping motion of a bird's wings versus the spinning of propeller blades. In the present study, the micro-Doppler signature is exploited to discriminate birds and small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Emphasis is on micro-Doppler features that can be extracted from spectrograms and cepstrograms, enabling the human eye or indeed automatic classification algorithms to make a quick distinction between man-made objects and bio-life. In addition, in case of man-made objects, it is desired to further characterize the type of mini-UAV to aid the threat assessment. Also this characterization is done on the basis of micro-Doppler features.


Corresponding author

Corresponding author: R.I.A. Harmanny Email:


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