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A printed multiband MIMO antenna with decoupling element

  • Ziyu Xu (a1), Qisheng Zhang (a1) and Linyan Guo (a1)


A printed multiband Multi-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna is proposed in this paper. This MIMO antenna system comprises two symmetric printed monopole antennas. Each antenna element consists of multiple bend lines, producing four resonant modes and covering the GSM900, PCS, LTE2300, and 5G bands. Simulated and measured results prove that the proposed MIMO antenna can be applied to traditional 2G, 3G, 4G, and present 5G mobile communication. By etching four inverted L-shaped grooves on its ground plate, mutual coupling between the adjacent antenna elements has been suppressed. This makes the |S21| at all four resonant modes is lower than −40 dB. In addition, its low coupling mechanism has been analyzed by surface current distribution. The designed multiband MIMO antenna provides an idea of reference to realize low mutual coupling between antenna elements, which is also realizable in infrared or optical regimes with appropriate designs.


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A printed multiband MIMO antenna with decoupling element

  • Ziyu Xu (a1), Qisheng Zhang (a1) and Linyan Guo (a1)


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