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Ka-band antenna arrays with dual-frequency and dual-polarized patch elements

  • Benjamin Rohrdantz (a1), Thomas Jaschke (a1), Frauke K. H. Gellersen (a1), Anton Sieganschin (a1) and Arne F. Jacob (a1)...


In this contribution a dual-band, dual-polarized microstrip antenna element for array applications is presented. The patch antenna is designed to operate simultaneously at around 30 and 20 GHz, the up- and downlink frequencies of modern Ka-band satellite communication systems. The antenna is smaller than half the freespace wavelength at 30 GHz to enable its utilization as array element of dual-band ground terminals. Integrating transmitter and receiver circuits allows, in turn, for a very compact active terminal solution. To minimize production cost, the design is carried out in standard multilayer printed circuit board technology. The antenna features two distinct polarization ports suitable for either dual linear or dual circular polarization if both ports are excited in quadrature. The single antenna design process is described in detail and simulation and measurement results are presented. Finally, different arrays based on this patch antenna are evaluated by simulation and measurements.


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Ka-band antenna arrays with dual-frequency and dual-polarized patch elements

  • Benjamin Rohrdantz (a1), Thomas Jaschke (a1), Frauke K. H. Gellersen (a1), Anton Sieganschin (a1) and Arne F. Jacob (a1)...


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