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GaN for space application: almost ready for flight

  • Jean-Luc Muraro (a1), Guillaume Nicolas (a1), Do Minh Nhut (a1) (a2), Stéphane Forestier (a1), Stéphane Rochette (a1), Olivier Vendier (a1), Dominique Langrez (a1), Jean-Louis Cazaux (a1) and Marziale Feudale (a2)...


On the last years, gallium nitride (GaN) technology has made a remarked breakthrough in the world of microwave electronics. Power transistors are now available. How this GaN technology would impact space-borne units is now a priority concern. Although the power capability of GaN technology is the first obvious profit, GaN could also be used for other applications like low noise amplifiers, mixers, and probably more. The high sustainable temperature of GaN transistors is most striking advantage for in-flight use. This is connected to packaging design which is also experiencing a lot of activities and quick progresses. Of course, space application is dependent upon the full demonstration of reliability and this constitutes another field of investigation. Finally, after 8 years of GaN studies, experimental results are presented: they open wide the road a revolution inside space-borne electronics: the rise of GaN.


Corresponding author

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